Monday, July 30, 2007

once again: long time no blog!!!

i wrote this last week & proceeded to misplace the disk i saved it to until today!

Thursday, July 26, 2007 4:05:15 PM

well, i can't believe it's been nearly 2 months since i last blogged! it's truly amazing how time gets away from you sometimes!

i think the last thing i wrote about was hubby having edema (swelling in both ankles) - all his tests came back fine and it was probably an ongoing allergic reaction to the antibiotic avalox (or avelox - i'm not sure of the spelling right now!). what a hellacious time for me that whole thing was! (hubby was of course fine throughout it all because he said he knew there was nothing seriously wrong with him!)

in addition to all of that going on, we're getting ready for inspection our 6th & 7th apartments since march! and we've got 2 more opening up at the end of august! we came here in 12/05 with 6 apartments open and did an additional 5 in 2006 for a total of 11! so in just over a year & a half, we've turned over 20 apartments!!! (we've only got a total of 42!)

we expected 3 to open this year! 3!!!

now that hubby no longer works for agent orange, he doesn't get home until 6pm mon through fri (instead of 4pm), so i've taken on some more responsibilities around here to try & help him out so that this place doesn't become a bigger burden on him than it already is.

i've actually been staying off the computer because of my headaches. our monitor really sets them off. i have to be on it for less than 5 minutes! i'm actually typing this on my laptop and will save it to a disk and transfer it into a post. i have to get one of those flat screen lcd monitors which aren't supposed to have as much movement in them as regular pc screens do.

i've been reading a lot lately (until this past week or so). "light on snow" by anita shreve and "beach girls" by luanne rice were fantastic! i've started "summer's child" by luanne rice and have been reading "spontaneous healing" by andrew weill, md., since the day before yesterday - last monday i was down & out all day with a sinus headache/infection as i have been the past 2 days and since my doctor's and medicines just aren't helping (and i'm so sick of being sick!), i figured exploring other means of healing can't do me any more harm!

i've also been trying to write more lately, though i'm sorry to say that most of what i've written can be considered "fan fiction," something my girlfriend enlightened me about the other day - much to my chagrin there are actually 'fan fiction' websites and having since looked at a few, i now feel more like a loser than ever! (my one friend did tell me that what i'd written was "scarey and visceral," which i thought was very cool!)

last week we had a day or so of cool, rainy, couldy fall like weather and since i was sick, i lit some candles and popped the movie halloween into the dvd player which has brought my semi obsession with it back!

i'm excited that there's a new halloween movie coming out. yup, there's a "but" to this! i originally thought that rob zombie would do a good job with it. but, with everything i've read i'm really beginning to think this movie is a bad joke! and i'm once again surprised that rz seems to have taken the "there must be an expanation" route with respect to why the character michael myers kills. his mom's a stripper with an abusive boyfriend, where's michael's dad, his sister's a whore, michael gets bullied at school, michael tortures & kills animals and gets off on it later - it all seems so stereotypical and childish and unoriginal! why bring halloween down from being about regular, 'normal' middle america and that terrible horrible things can happen there like anywhere else to it happens there because he came from a "dysfunctional" trashy family?!

john carpenter told rz to make halloween his own and i honestly thought he would. i'm not the biggest rz fan overall (though i like his music more than his films) but i did think he could put a unique, original spin on the tale of michael myers. now i'm not so sure and it's very disappointing. (again, yes, i am a loser!)

why are so many movies being remade these days anyway?! next up is jaws for crissakes! and yes, i say 'remade' because i don't care how many times someone says 'it's a re-imagining' if the people, places and movie title have been done before, IT'S A REMAKE! i can't believe how everyone's jumped on the "re-imagining" bogus buzzword bandwagon!!! (try saying that 10 times fast!)

my gardens are coming along nicely! myself and most of our tenants aren't too thrilled with the re-landscaping that was done (not enough color, smaller bushes, bigger beds and way too much mulch!) but i've worked around it with containers in front and out back. i've got a lot of pics i have to get up of during the re-landscaping and since. i've got more pics to take now that my butterfly bushes and pink cone flowers are blooming! i've been able to pick some wax beans from out front (though i think the area wild life had more than i did!) and my cherry tomato's are flowering!

i think that's about it for now! time to get off here, get this posted and start dinner!


Tami said...

Thanks for the book sugestions.

Great job on the apartment progress. Sounds like a lot of work.

Take Care.

carolyn said...

Nice to hear from you and good to see you blogging again - welcome back.