Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fireworks on the water in august... What could be better?!

Taken this past sat @ a local 'salt water day' celebration! These just may be my favorite fireworks displays of summer! Sure, many towns round here have fireworks at the water, but you can go walk out on the jetty pier, out into the bay away from the lights and watch from there. They're set off from another jetty pier and the water glows and shimmers - it's gorgeous! The weather was gorgeous too! An early taste of autumn it was! I think the horrid hot ' humid weather has made me cabin feverish again! (just as the cold weather that started way too late ' stayed too long into spring this year did!) i'm craving the outdoors, more specifically the sounds of the ocean and the songs of the summer bugs! Well, it's getting late ' i'm falling asleep while texting this! Ta ta for now!

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