Monday, August 27, 2007

A most beautiful gift!

I hope this pic comes out! Hubby and i were working on another apt tonight, getting it ready for inspection on friday and for the tenant to move in on sun and i discovered this GORGEOUS rose bush just off the patio! Funny thing is that i've been down that way before and don't remember ever seeing it before! The petals are a deep, velvety red - the kind of red that makes you think of valentine's day! - and their scent is very sweet with just a hint of cherry. No doubt it's been there a very long time. The tenant who lived there was here a very long time. Surprising, it's not in an area that ever gets much sun, regardless of time of day or year. I've never been so taken with the scent or sight of a rose before. I feel as though i was meant to find it because i love flowers and gardening so, as if it was looking for such a person and only made itself known once it had found finally found that person! (I'm feeling very spiritual lately!) Hubby said he'll help me dig it up soon.

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