Friday, August 03, 2007

Sights of Summer!

This was also taken @ the county fair, just b4 the 1 below. What i'm refering 2 as my ';ferris wheel meltdown'; is that hubby told me he wanted 2 take me on it ' i reluctantly agreed cause i'm afraid of heights! But, i figured i was ok when we went on that ski lift foliage ride at elk mountain in pa a few yrs ago ' w/him i'd be ok! WRONG! i was terrified! I wrapped my left arm round the pole in the center of the thing we were sitting in, squated down on the floor ' had the shirt on his shoulder in a vice grip! I cried ' barely opened my eyes! Hubby kept kissing me ' trying 2 get me 2 look @ him, kept telling me we were fine ' had his arms around me. But the swinging motion of the thing we sat in did me in! It felt like that sensation of falling when you're dreaming! And how high it went didn't help! Hubby said i freaked out so bad it was scarey! 2 scare him?! Must've been even worse than i thought! Oh well! At least i did it! He'll tease me bout this 4ever!

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