Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sunset on a typical august summer day!

Oh what a hottie of a day it has been! This was taken earlier this evening at the beach - it was free concert night! The breeze was inland & coming in from the water so it was warmer than usual down there but still more pleasant than at home! Once i am at the beach i never really want to leave! It is an amazing place to be in the evening and at night! I wish we had time to get a permit and camp out over night. That would be incredible! The views from where we have seen tents (during the day) are amazing during the day and at night! There are bay views and ocean views, not to mention being able to see a few ny boroughs and the skyline of manhattan! But, tonight the breeze died down and outcame all the biting bugs so there was no lingering this evening!

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