Monday, October 01, 2007

the 1st of october... happy happy, joy joy...!!!

today is one of my favorite days of the year! time to put the halloween stuff out!!! yes, i'm excited! i never used to hold off until october 1st, but since hubby's not a big halloween fan, i only put out fall-ish type things around the autumn equinox that can stay out through thanksgiving and wait to put out the very obviously halloween stuff until today!

and what a perfect day for it too! cool & cloudy!

i've also got to get those tulip bulbs i bought out into the planters outside soon in case the weather turns and it gets cold! i'm not worried about the pesky, psychotic squirrels digging them up now since the planters are all full ~ it's when they've gone bare and just before blooming again that worries me! they not only burried peanuts in all of my planters last year in this, (my neighbor upstairs likes to leave peanuts in shells out on her deck for them), but they dug up (and ate!) a lot of my bulbs this spring!

well, lots to do today! got to get cracking!

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