Saturday, October 20, 2007

A beautiful wkend for a Challenge!

Here's how we've decided to spend our saturday! (And maybe our Sunday morning!) There are 11 active lighthouses in NJ and this wkend the NJ lighthouse society gives out a puzzle board of sorts and you get a piece that fits into it at every lighthouse you visit! If you visit them all this wkend, you get a certificate from the lighthouse society! We've been to the two lighthouse closest to our home and we're now on the road to the one farthest away! I misunderstood hubby and thought we were only doing the ones closest to home so when he fell back to sleep around 6:20am, i didn't wake him! When we woke back up around 7:30a, we didn't get outta bed til after 8am and didn't leave til nearly 9am and we had to stop for breakfast! It started at 8am! Oh well, my bad!

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