Wednesday, October 31, 2007


well, a rather un-eventful All Hallow's! the weather was better than last year (way less humid) but i didn't even get 1/2 the trick-or-treater's i had in 2006! such a disappointment!

1 mom and 1 cute little witch told me how much they liked all the dec's and the spooky music playing! (horror movie themes of course!!!) that really made my day! and 1 of our tenants' little girls (in a cute little devil costume!) wanted to come back to our place before going home!

i'm sad it's going to be all over in about an hour & a 1/2. though fall doesn't technically end until 12/21, this to me is the end of fall and my favorite time of year! with it being so stinking hot & humid most of this month and with my being sick nearly the entire month, i don't feel as though i've been able to absorb any of it, even with all the dec's having been up since 10/1!

i'm also sad because this day makes me miss my little girl so painfully much, once the kids start coming by for their treats, especially the little girls.

i don't want to wake hubby so i'm going to cut this here for now. i'll update about the rest of halloween & mischief night once we get back from Punkin Chunkin in deleware ~ we're leaving tomorrow and coming home sunday.

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windy city girl said...

Hey sweetie. It's been a while since I read your blog. Still trying to figure out the whole linking thing-LOL. Hope you're well.