Tuesday, October 30, 2007

last minute touches in time for mischief night! (updated!)

i added a new ghoul to the dec's outside yesterday! (the off white one to the left hanging on the brick!) isn't he great?! (i think so!)

and yesterday afternoon i began carving up the pumpkins we bought on sunday ~ i always do feel a bit guilty over it since they're like any other living thing in my garden ~ i added cinnamon spice to the inside of their tops! oh what delicious scents wafted from them after their candles were lit for a while! (got that tip from diy network's 'witch crafts' special!)

this guy here is out back on the patio! i also carved a bunch of mini pumpkins which i'll have to take pics of late since the ones i took last night didn't come out so hot!

same pumpkin duo as above just much later last night! hubby was worried that someone might come along and do something to them if i left them outside ~ i was one step ahead of him and already planned to bring them in for the night, which i did!

so much to do today! i've got to do i don't know how many loads of laundry to get ready to leave for punkin' chunkin' on thursday morning! plus i want to clean the house today so i don't have to waste any time on halloween doing it! (i decided yesterday i didn't want to come home from 4 days away and have to clean!) i also have to finish knitting my scarf and ear warmer before we leave thursday!

that's it for now! i'll check in later!

update! (2:08pm) well, in doing 6 loads of laundry thus far (i'll do the last few tomorrow morning!), the toilet has overflowed for no aparent reason (had to clean the floor anyway!) and I WASHED MY CELL PHONE IN THE WASHER! not only that, there's a national geographic episode going on in my garden right now with 2 dragon flies mating on my butterfly bush and one of the pumpkins i carved yesterday looks as though it's crying because clear jouice is welling up in its' eyes and spilling over!!! what a day!!!

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