Thursday, October 18, 2007

Quick and Easy Brushetta!

I had 7 or 8 fairly large cherry tomato's from my garden out front and i was wondering what i could do with them since we probably wouldn't be having salad any time soon! I didn't want them to go to waste. Then it dawned on me! Brushetta! This works in a pinch and tastes good! (I've made this before!) Chop/ slice the tomato's into small pieces and dump into a bowl along with their juice. Season with some pepper (i use McCormicks Peppercorn Medley Grinder) and powdered garlic (i use way more than the pepper) and a couple pinches of dried parsley. Then i poured in extra virgin olive oil - i don't do a specific amount, ';eyeball'; it! I guess about a quarter to half a cup depending on how much tomato's you used. Anyway, stir everything well to make sure the garlic powder mixes with the olive oil. Let it sit about 5 minutes then stir again. Usually i toast up some pita pockets then cut them into smaller pieces and then spoon the brushetta onto the pieces. Healthy and tastey!

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