Thursday, October 25, 2007

well, i guess being under doctor's orders to "take it easy" for a few days couldn't have happened at a better time! (my head cold that turned into bronchitis has now turned into strep throat! yeah, that whole spur of the moment lighthouse challenge we did this past weekend (see prev posts) probably didn't help!!!) yesterday & today it's been very windy, pouring off & on and now downright chilly at 50 degrees!

so yesterday i watched a couple of "scary" movies (the fog and halloween), wrote and generally lazed around. today i watched a really bad 70's "horror" movie on amc this morning then hooked up the lap top in the living room to type my "scary story" assignment for the writing group! in between down pours i also got the tenant's rent statements out.

now i've got to get dinner going (using the left over beef roast from yesterday to make stew today!) and i've got to get cracking on that scarf i started knitting the week before last!

update: i carved a turnip (i do pumpkins & turnips thank you very much! it's a celtic thing!) and tossed some of the inside pieces into my pot of beef soup (decided against stew!) and tossed the rest out back for the birds & squirrels!

halloween I is on amc again, it's chilly, leaves are blowing around all over the place and it's getting dark! FINALLY! it feels like halloween!

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