Sunday, November 18, 2007

in response to's now what, the sixth week of class post, i wrote the following: (as jo, not gardeningjo)

"i haven't done your 6 wk class from here yet ~ i have saved each wks assignements & background because i am going to do it.

i'm just having a tough time lately having been sick for over 2 months now with an infection that just keeps moving from place to place instead of going away!
i've also been such a bundle of nerves & panick attacks since i found out the wk before last that my social security disability hearing has been scheduled for 12/11!

my motor skills have been cumbersome lately and typing has been very difficult because i have to pay more attention to what i'm typing as i type it because i can't trust my head & hands to get things out in plain correct english!

i'm exhausted to tears & frustrated and focusing on any one thing just seems impossible lately. so very hard. my girlfriend & i were talking about it last week and she said that i'm "just drifting right now" and i felt like charlie brown because i yelled "that's it!" in response!

but that creative, inspired feeling started creeping up on me yesterday so i know i'll get back to my writing soon ~ i always do. that's how i know it's what i'm supposed to do - every path i take eventually leads me right back to writing".

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