Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sex and the City! (Cue Girly squeals & screams!)

when i get the hankering, i pick up the sunday new york times.
i hit pay dirt this past sunday! nearly a full page article (spread over 2 pages) about the upcoming Sex and the City MOVIE! (cue girly squeals & screams!) it's set to come out in may of 2008 (cue girly squeals & screams!) and will be a long over due fix, but it's only going to make me miss the show even more!
and i do SO miss this show! sure, i've got every season on dvd and i enjoy rewatching the series, but, as corny & looser-ish this may sound, it became a part of me & my life because i enjoy it so much and it's so inspiring to me and i just didn't want it to end as soon as it did! (for me it was soon since i didn't start watching it until 2001 or so! i'm not one who wants to jump on the band wagon & it was such a big thing that i resisted it until a former co-worker assumed that i watched & loved the show gave me seasons 2 & 3 on dvd!)
am i the only one so looking forward to this movie coming out?! (cue girly squeals & screams!)

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windy city girl said...

I'm not as big a fan as you are, but I still enjoyed SATC and look forward to seeing the movie next year.