Monday, December 03, 2007

so i've decided...

just a little while ago this morning that i'm going to start taking my anti-depressant again. so i did. half a pill now and half a pill later. (if i take the whole pill at once, i get all loopy, my blood pressure drops and i just want to curl up & take a nap!) i'm feeling sad, overwhelmed and scared. maybe it will help. maybe just the act of taking it will help. i don't know.

and i've been thinking... i read some where that you shouldn't use "just" in certain instances in conversation and i'm wondering if that translates to writing as well. for instance, in leaving a message: "oh hi! it's just me..." because you're actually saying that you're not important or taking credit away from you & what you've got to say.

it's lead me to think about the title of my blog here, "just diggin' around." does the use of "just" make it seem as though i'm floundering, going along with passing whims and not doing anything seriously? i'm considering changing the name of my blog here to "diggin' around." essentially i am digging. trying to get through all the muk and crap, trying get through every day, trying get through to me.

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windy city girl said...

Finding yourself always sounds cheesy, until you actually have to do it. Hang in there, babe :-)