Wednesday, December 12, 2007

uppdates to my 'what i'm reading' section & it's beginning to look a lot like christmas!!!

i'm taking the following book off my "what i'm reading" list:
"Garden of Faith" by Lynn Hinton (1 of the most depressing books i've read to date! hope it has a happy ending at least! UPDATE: finished 11/30 - not exactly a happy ending, a realistic ending w/hope & things going in a positive direction - very heavy topics like suicide, cancer, death, fear, trust, faith - not @ all what i thought it was going to be based on description!)

check my "what i'm reading" section to see the books i've added!

we picked up our christmas tree at home depot yesterday! why is it exactly that these trees seem to be a perfectly reasonable size at the store but seems to be just HUGE in our living room! it's such a fat & wide tree! i know they tend to "relax" once inside, but sheesh! it does smell so fesh & wonderful! today i'll put the lights on it and hopefully find the ornaments! (which are definately not in the basement so i may need nancy drew to help me with this one!)

i also got another set of multi colored icicle lights for the patio out back ~ hopefully the squirrels won't chew the wires on this set! 3 sections of the set that's out there are off because of those pesky little buggers!

lots to do today! all over house cleaning since the writing group girls are coming over tomorrow and holiday company is coming on friday! i've also got laundry to do for hubby.

i feel bad ~ i haven't gotten a single gift for hubby yet! everyone else is pretty much done except for a few odds & ends! he's more difficult to shop for than my mom! (and that's really saying something, let me tell ya!) sigh! i've got a few idea's which i'll have to get to online this saturday once he gets paid.

i guess that's about it for now!

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