Wednesday, January 23, 2008

i was voted in charge of coming up with the topic this month for the writing group and i initially suggested writing about "what we want to do with 2008."

then i became inspired by barbara abercrombie's "kitchen tables" post on her blog writing! ( barbara talked about how the idea for the site was cooked up (so to speak!) one day at the kitchen table w/her daughter. another inspired woman wrote about how she wrote on her blog about how her front porch is magical when she puts pen to paper. overall it made me think about where i do my writing at home. (i say "at home" because out of my own doing, i generally do not have the opportunity to write away from home).

so i then emailed the girls and told them of being inspired and suggested that in addition to or instead of my original topic, why not write about "where we feel most inspired" to do writing or just come up with idea's?!

so, here's the piece i wrote and emailed to them today: (we voted on a "cyberspace" email meeting in lieu of getting together at whole foods today!)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008 11:21:37 AM (partially written on 1/22/08)
I’ve always tended to be the “I write when and where the mood strikes” kind of gal, though lately I’m more likely to be struck by lightning than the urge to write! And when I think about it, I’m not sure where I feel the most inspired because when I’m feeling anything but inspired it’s difficult to recall those creative times! (Yes, even when inspiration appeared less than a week ago!)

I will say that I tend to feel more comfortable trying to write in an area that’s clean & straitened up and not only because it distracts me to the point where I feel I have to clean instead of write! (Cluttered surroundings, cluttered mind!) Come to think of it, this may account for why I don’t have a specific area here at home where I write because the house is never clean and straitened up as a whole at the same time ~ ever!!! (Something I am making an effort to change in 2008!) This goes for when a room is in transition too.

I’ve written in nearly every room of our house except the spare room and bathroom! (Yup, I’ve even written in the basement ~ not the crawl space under us! Our basement is in the building directly across from us!) I’ve had idea’s come to me while lying in bed, trying to fall asleep or after waking but before being up & about. I’ve been compelled to type away at the computer (also in our bedroom) and I’ve hand written page after page sitting at the kitchen table or out on the patio.

Speaking of the kitchen table, there must be something about our kitchen beyond the cooking, the food and the make-shift office area for the apartment complex! Many, many times I spread out and set up shop in here to write and read. (Even though these chairs aggravate my back and my legs in general! Yes, I’ve heard of cushions! I just never think of them when I’m out shopping!)

At the risk of sounding corny and cliché, there’s just a good vibe in here! Friends and family tend to gravitate and congregate in here regardless of the fact our living room can easily sit more than 8 people at one time! The cats spend a good portion of their days in here too, plastered to the patio doors sniffing the air and watching birds, squirrels and the occasional wood rat stop by for bird seed and old bread & chips.

The patio doors double as floor to nearly ceiling windows which let in lots of natural light and help to make it feel bigger. Vic built and hung a rack underneath the cabinets over the sink, so my favorite mugs are always on display. There are all sorts of chachki’s on shelves and the walls. The walls themselves are a work in progress since my beautiful pale garden green turned out looking like minty pistachio ice cream! (A color I have nothing against, it’s just not what I wanted!)

In writing this, I have realized that I need to expand myself beyond the boundaries of our home when it comes to writing. I do so when we’re away for a few days, why not just in general?! I love taking walks, but I don’t usually think about writing while doing it. Why not?! I also love spending time in garden nurseries in the spring & summer. Nothing leaves me feeling more inspired, alive and connected! So why not write while still riding that high?! (More to make an effort on in 2008!)

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windy city girl said...

YAY! The writing group sounds like it's going to be fun. Keep me posted!