Monday, February 25, 2008

Catching Up! (Updated)

well, i've added another 'slideshow' over to the right of here with pics from this past weekend ~ it snowed! finally! about 8 inches but it didn't last very long since it changed to rain late friday night.

i also added the rest of the valentines photo's to the other slideshow which includes a photo of a hardcover book called "boone" and a packaged birdsong indentiflyer (a hand-held gadget that identifies birds not only by name/picture, but also their calls & songs) ~ these were our valentines gifts to one another! i got hubby the book "boone" by robert morgan and he got me the birdsong identiflyer cause i'm always trying to figure out what the birds are out in the back yard!!! (i know, sounds odd but it works for us!) he also got me a dozen roses and a card that brought me to tears!

as you can see, i've uploaded a video! i've tried to do this before, but this is the first time it's worked!!!

i've got some things to take care of, so i'll update the rest of this post later today!

update: sigh. i've got such a headache. unfortunately, that's one of the side affects of that new iv med i'm on. (sucks cause i'm prone to headeaches to begin with!!!) when my head feels like it weighs a 1,000 pounds, i just don't feel like doing anything! and there's cleaning to do! the cats are shedding giant dust bunnies all over the house and i'm having to vacuum & febreeze nearly every day! my allergies are driving me crazy! sigh.

yesterday when we were at the beach (yes, we know it's february!), the appreciation for where we live washed over me yet again. then i got so upset because we have to leave here, sooner rather than later, here - my home, our home, his home, because we just cannot afford to own our own house & land here ~ anywhere in nj for that matter. and not to sound childish, but it's so not fair that so many people moving into nj do not have any respect for the communities they're moving into and yet they will get to live out their lives here whereas those of us who were born & raised here won't be able to do the same. i don't get it.

and now for something completely different! i've never considered myself "cool," nor do i think anyone else has considered me "cool," but i don't think i've ever been considered a total nerd or geek either (maybe come close a few times!) , i have been a hottie (& am trying to get some of that back by losing weight!), i tend not to give a crow what others think and i've been enjoying a consistent surge of self confidence as of late ~

so why am i scrambling to find my "coolness" since our awesome, creative & so very talented nephew came back home to the area last week?! what either intimidates me or makes me feel lacking when i'm around him & his friends?! though he's only 7 years younger than me, do i envy his youth? do i envy all the things he does regardless of means? i don't know! he might stay with us for a bit until the apartment he's going to share with friends in ny is ready (there's some envy!), and while i've always had a home that bordered on cozy country thrift shop chic, i changed up the book on the back of the couch the other day in hopes of appearing "cool!" (see my recent previous post with the pic of the books on the back of the couch from thursday, 2/21/08). heck, even the idea of taking a walk around what used to be my home town (where i was born & lived until 18 or so and worked in off & on into my late 20's), has me taking stock in what i look best in & how i should do my hair! what the F?! WHAT THE F?! it irkes me!

sorry for the moodiness! i've been taking prednisone, a steroidal antihistimine, to control my allergies, for a couple of days and it makes me really moody if i'm on it more than 1 day at a time!

i think that may be it for now! just got a call from hubby ~ one of our other nephews & his friend may be coming over for dinner, so i've got to get that cleaning done!

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Just Tera said...

Thanks for sharing the link to your blog and welcome to the Goodreads girls. I LOVE gardening too and am loving the blog!