Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My 2nd IV Treatment!

this is me, in our living room, facing a large mirror hanging over the couch. not the most flattering picture i've ever taken of myself, but when you're trying to take it 1 handed and that hand is shakey, this is what you get! the angle's not so good - i'm not really that wide ~ i think! (i know i've lost weight recently ~ i need to wear a belt with all of my jeans now!)

today's treatment went ok ~ only a little itchy & slightly headachey this time around! my left hand (the one with the needle in it) doesn't feel too good this time around! 1st treatment, i had no pain in this hand with the needle going in, during the treatment or after it was out. i didn't swell or bruise either. this time, it hurt like hell going in, hurt most of the time through the treatment, hurt coming out & i bled a lot! and my hand hurts now! robert (my nurse) said "we're going to have to go elsewhere with the iv next time - this hand's done!" which means either my right hand or my wrists since all of the veins in my arms above the wrist have long since collapsed!

ah well! regardless, again, i'm trying to remain positive about this whole treatment process because i really, really, really want this to work!

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