Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Front Porch Sittin!

A beautiful end to the day! The wind finally died down, the clouds skeedattled, the sun came out fully and it got up to 62 degrees around 4pm! Sounds like there is another brush fire down the highway from here - firetruck and first aid sirens are screaming from every direction around here! Only gets like this when there is a brush fire. Hubby is over at the high school for computer class. I dont usually sit on the front porch, but this is where all the sun is at this time of year so its still too chilly to be out back. Ive been feeling a little restless and wanting to be outside lately! So here I am, sitting on the front porch amongst my pots of flowers which are just beginning to wake and turn green! Also lately the idea of living with less has been on my mind. Ive been going to the library to save $ and at 1st thats why I stayed away from the thrift shop, but I realized Im more aware of what and how much Im bringing home and I want to get rid of excess stuff at home!

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