Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patty's Day! (*Updated!)

St Patricks Day ani

and a beautiful day it is!

yup, i'm wearing green! i had 2 slices of irish soda bread, toasted w/ a little butter & jelly, for breakfast! (bought at acme foodstore & i'm quite impressed because it's delicious!) and i've got the st. patty's day parade from nyc on the tv!

just before 1pm i started the corn beef brisket in the crock pot! i've never made it before, so i hope it comes out good! about an hour before it's done i've got to add the potato's & maybe carrots and a half hour before it's done i have to add the cabbage & onions.

i'm feeling rather festive today! not sure why. i miss my nana a lot around st. patty's day! she was irish and growing up i thought today was as important to her as any other holiday!

*my 1st corn beef, cabbage & potato dinner was a success! hubby & mom both liked it! (i thought it was pretty good too!) i've decided it's now going to be a tradition on this here day! (i didn't add the carrotts i mentioned above!) tomorrow i'll post the recipe!

during the parade, they switched coverage to the swearing in ceremony of ny's new governor, david paterson, and let me tell you, i am so glad i watched it! that man is an AMAZING speaker! i wish he were running for president!

anyway, after dinner, hubby & i watched a short documentary about the history of celtic music then watched the documentaries on our "the quiet man" dvd ~ a john wayne & maureen o'hara movie, set in ireland, made in the early 50's. (we've seen the movie a lot, but never watched the dvd extra's!)

hubby's sleeping now & i think i'm going to climb back into bed as well!

just think ~ easter begins with holy thursday, this thursday! only 3 days away!


Yo said...

hi!! i dig your blog =) i'll definitely be back to poke around a bit.

if you're interested in joining another book club, check out the virtual book club on my link list. tell domestically challenged that i sentcha. not sure what you're schedule's like or anything (because i haven't stalked your blog long enough), but we're reading "confessions of a pagan nun" and "discussing" it on march 27th. vote for april's read... they're my suggestions!! i'm so nervous =)

Anonymous said...

Your meal sounds my mouth is watering... hee hee :) I love stew....I'm a big fan of potatoes:) My mom makes wonderful homemade stew too.
Glad it turned out well. :)