Thursday, March 13, 2008

i now believe in the power of vitamin d!

i started taking calcium with vitamin d(3) sometime last year, either late summer or fall. almost immediately i noticed a drastic change in my pain & swelling levels, overall. i’d only been taking it about a week! the only thing i was doing differently at that time was that i’d started taking the supplement! (my obgyn had been bugging me to start calcium supplements, blah, blah, blah...!)

i did a bit of hunting around out in cyber space and found that vitamin d deficency has been linked to all kinds of things like depression, autoimmune diseases like lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and others! i was surprised to learn this as i’ve had a "compromised" immune system for about 15 years or so (that’s when i started getting sick at least) and not 1 doctor i’ve ever been to ever mentioned that 1 of the possible causes could be vitamin deficency! but, it made sense to me!

more recently, i read an article in the january/february edition of mother earth news magazine that vitamin d(3) has helped patients of 1 of the doctors interviewed with their pain & swelling levels!

at some point before the end of 2007, i was sick (again) and fell off the vitamin taking bandwagon for a couple of weeks. after about 2 weeks, i noticed that my pain & swelling levels sky rocketed! not to mention that my mood tanked big time! i thought it may have something to do with my not taking the vitamins!
well, i’ve been off my vitamins again for about 2 weeks after being sick & trying to recover and a couple of days ago, my pain level started going through the roof again! and now my swelling is starting to get bad as well. my mood has been in the toilet! overall i’ve felt like crap! last night, i started taking my vitamins again!

hey, if it works for me, great! i need all the help i can get! but, i’m definately a firm believer now!

(ps ~ i take the following: 250mg/magnesium, 1000iu/d(3), 500mg/200iu/calcium&d(3), 1000mg/c&rose hips, 200iu/e and 10,000iu/a ~ i take the d(3), calcium & c twice a day ~ if i’m not getting sick to my stomach & queasy, i take the c 3 times a day when i’m sick with a cold, bronchitis, strep, tonsilitis, etc..)

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