Friday, March 28, 2008

A Nasty Day Ends with a Pleasant Surprise!

yeesh! yesterday started off with a NASTY sinus headache on top of my cold! i was in bed until about 3:30 yesterday afternoon! throughout the day i was also getting either back spasms or stabbing kidney pains on my right side, so i'm not sure if my back's acting up or if i've got kidney stones again!
i took my 2nd to last exam for my gardening & landscape design class and got a 75% on it (my lowest grade for the entire course!) but at least i passed! got 1 left and i plan to take that later today!
once i was finally up & about, i took some garbage out & found the beauties in the pics above just outside my fence by a tree! (only they had no pots!) guess someone decided they'd had enough of their easter flowers! i was so excited & uplifted by this find! ('a gift' as i called it!) ok, that's actually an understatement! i was giddy over it! (yup, i'm a gardening geek through & through!) once they're done blooming, i can either leave them as is or dig 'em up, dry 'em out & save them for next year & 'force' grow them in the house! i immediately gathered them up and found a pot for them with some extra soil! i've got them out on the patio table where i can see them from the kitchen and 2 stalks of blooms in the bedroom on top of the computer hutch!

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