Wednesday, March 19, 2008

oh what a beautiful day! yes, it's raining! but the air smells sweet & spring-y and the cardinals & mocking birds are calling!

i sent an email this morning to a local soup kitchen, that also provides clothing & other necessities, asking if they would take used books and let the patrons go through them & take what they like ~ my only conditions are that patrons are asked to return books they don't want to keep so that others can read them if they wish and that none of the books are thrown away by the soup kitchen! if they wish to stop having them or if some of the books remain a long time while others are taken, they can contact me and i'll take those books back and find another place to bring them to (maybe the local senior housing). i hope i get a positive response! otherwise, i'll figure out something else!

tomorrow is not only the 1st day of spring, but holy thursday for catholic's & christians! followed by good friday and then sunday is easter! already! and since we've already had the the daylight savings time change (on 3/9), april is looking like a pretty un-festive month this year!

last night i started trying to sort through & figure out what's going on with my female main character from a novel i started toying around with in 11/2006. the idea had a very distinct direction in the beginning. now, not so much! but, i need to buckle down and get cracking on it if i'm ever going to make something of it!

see, we saw a friend at a foodstore over the weekend, who's a very young widow. she's not much older than i & younger than hubby. 2 years ago, her husband passed away from cancer after years long, horrendous battle with the illness. she's done amazingly well since and she's been able to take care of herself and their home on her own as well. now, i don't know anything about whether or not he had any type of life insurance and that's not what i'm talking about.

seeing her brought home to me again the fact that i really need to do something with myself & for myself in case anything happens to hubby, so that i can take care of myself and be on my own if i have to be. or, as in the case with my sister-in-law, become the main income earner (my brother-in-law had a massive stroke & congestive heart failure the year before last and is no longer mentally or physically able to work at all).

now, i recognize the fact that this isn't easy for me with having health problems! i can't work in a traditional type of job or setting, i know that without a doubt. who knows if i can make a living at writing, but i've really got to try!

but, whatever i end up doing to make a living won't just benefit me in case anything happens ~ it will benefit both hubby and myself regardless!


Anonymous said...

Amazing post Jo! I love it!!!! I'm definitely ready for spring. The weather is turning nice here in AZland. :)
BTW, are you a Christian? Just wonderin' :) Are you and hubby doing anything special for Easter?
How's your book coming along? Sorry I've been so quiet on Good Reads. Thanks for the St. Patrick's note.
Actually Jeff & I don't go out to drink really, we just buy wine and relax at home.
Miss you lots!!!
~Heather~ :)

Just Tera said...

Jo you simply must finish that book and I am sure it will be great. When something calls to you like that it has to be good. Enjoy the beautiful spring weather and get those garden tools ready! Have you started growing anything inside yet?

windy city girl said...

Hey girl! Definitely pursue your book. Take pressure off yourself and write as if it's only meant for your eyes. You can tweak later. Good luck. Oh, I was wondering if you wanted to start up our virtual writing group again in the summer. I won't have school, so I'll be able to write regularly. We can talk more about it some time soon. Take care---gill