Wednesday, March 05, 2008

today's the 1st day in ages...

that i'm wearing sweat pants and i don't look huge! i've lost 11 lbs as of my dr's appt on monday & i changed what i eat & how much i eat throughout my day in january ~ only 59lbs more to go to lose the total of 70 lbs i've gained since getting hurt @ work in 2004!

speaking of my dr's appt on monday, my obgyn says everything's fine ~ no fibroid tumor and no miscarriage. the double periods are from the birth control pill i'm on. (i sure don't remember him telling me that when he prescribed it 3 years ago!!!) i have an appt with my rheumatoidologist next wednesday & my next iv treatment on friday, 3/14.

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Hi Jo-
TAG you're it! :)
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Miss ya!