Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day! (updated)

Earth Day countdown banner

well, here's my little contribution in celebration of earth day today ~

not turning on any of the lights until dark (which i do normally & i tend to light candles on cloudy days just because i prefer candle light!) - walking to the library, hardware store and foodstore instead of driving the truck (which i do often, not all the time, so i can get out for a walk) - cleaning up all the trash that winds up along the creek that runs along side of the property (i only go on the other side of the fence into the creek area once a year ~ yick! ~ i pick up trash along our fence line as needed!) ...

and i'm going to plant the celosia seeds (harvested in november!) that i found last night as i started a MAJOR cleaning in our bedroom! (i didn't know dust bunnies could get that big!) lots of stuff to throw away, lots of stuff stacked in the corner for the town yard sale next month! i still have to go through my book case and my closet, but the rest of this room is done! (thank goodness! and i started in the bedroom this time around because when i start at the opposite end of the house in the kitchen, i just don't feel like cleaning anymore by the time i get back here to the bedroom!)

oh and before i forget ~ READ THIS BOOK: "Loving Frank" by Nancy Horan. what an amazing achievement for ms. horan! it's her 1st novel! i'll get to more later!

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windy city girl said...

Love the new look of the blog! It's sooooo spring like. I got excited today because the buds are starting to bloom here and it's warmer, too!