Monday, April 21, 2008


when did i start liking the smell of fresh cut grass?! i've never liked that scent! i've always loved how grass clippings smell after they've been lying around for a few days ~ such a deliciously sweet summery scent! (now that's a scented candle i'd buy!) but lately i've found myself taking long, slow deep breath's when i smell fresh cut grass! (that'll last 'til my allergies start kicking up from the grasses!)

i realized last week that i HATE the color hunter green. i'd gotten away from it for years & realized that it's back in my home & i'm not sure why! it was one thing to get my old sleeper love seat out of storage & use it ~ it's hunter green. that one item of hunter green is fine. but i see that the color hunter green has started popping up all over the house! the quilt set my mom got us last year (or was it the year before?) has a lot of hunter green in it, so there's hunter green in our bedroom. there's a hunter green shelf over the love seat in the living room. (that i can paint, which i intend to!) not much can be done with the quilt set though. hubby loves it. but, it's warmer now & we can't use it again til fall.

is there a way to dye fabric covered furniture?! i know there's fabric paint, which is an idea, but to cover an entire love seat?!

the love seat's in great condition and i hadn't planned on getting it redone because i want to get our sectional recovered & reupholstered when i get my social security retro ~ that's going to cost a pretty penny!

my mom's bday is in 2 weeks. yup, so's mother's day! ugh. argh. sigh. (this has always been a... 'diffilcult' time period in our lives. my gets a bit... 'moody' around her bday... sigh!) i know exactly what i want to get her as a combined bday & mother's day present, but we just don't have the $ for it now. sigh. so, i have to see if my aunt will loan me the $ and i'll pay her back when i get my social security retro. i hope she'll go for it.

it's been a month since i got my approval notice & it can take 60 days for me to start getting the retro & monthly payments ~ we've been falling behind cause hubby's over time hours were cut all together for over a month & new bills are coming in & this family's having more babies & baby showers, the prices on everything just keep going up - at least hubby's over time started up again the end of last week, it's not 10 hours a week, but it'll be over 5, probably 7.

ok, mood swing. now i'm stressing!

i've got to find my camera! i don't know where it is! i've got to post pics on craig's list ~ we're selling a tread mill and surfing stuff that was left here by tenants who moved out. (been over a year ~ finder's keeper's!)

the town yard sale isn't until 5/17, so we won't be making any $ off that stuff for a month. (i'm seriously purging the house & basement and putting it all out for the sale!)

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