Friday, April 11, 2008

My Thoughts on Southern Stories

Friday, April 11, 2008 1:08:55 PM

off and on for a long time now, i've wondered why i love southern stories and movies (fiction & non) so much. i'm drawn to and into them. they reach right down into my soul and resonate there.

this morning, i was writing some things in a couple of different posts in the 'southern lit lovers' group i created on about what i've read & haven't, about the book/movie 'fried green tomato's, so i decided to put the movie on this afternoon ~ it's on now as i type this! oh how i LOVE this movie! and the line: "i'm too young to be old and to old to be young!" it hits me right in the heart everytime! (and "don't make no kind of sense! big ol' ox like grady won't sit next to a colored child, but he eats eggs that shoot right out of a chicken's ass!")

southern stories are told via vivid descriptions that take you away to the sounds, smells, sights, tastes and people of the south! i'm telling you, there are few other types of books (fiction & non) that i can feel so much as i read them!

and as soon as the movie started, i thought of what else goes into southern stories ~ family, friendship, love, faith, spirituality, community, laughter & tears, connection to land & nature, connection to food, traditions, roots, heritage, pride, a sense of place & home... a lot of what i've never had and always wanted. a lot of what i want to have in my life and don't know how to begin to! for the rest of my life and for the lives of our children, who've yet to be born, i want to have a sense of all that! i long for it every day! i don't know if it exists in reality as it is in my mind, but, i want to get as close to it as possible to bring me peace!


Yolanda Elvira said...

not that it's a southern story or anything (it takes place in california)... but you should TOTALLY watch "there will be blood". intense performance. i love that man. nothing terrible happens, just the inner torture of one man's soul. good stuff.

in other news, my little sister is going through a minor crisis... head over to her neck of the bsphere and drop some unsolicited advice.

Just Tera said...

You have such an open and honest approach with your words. I just love to read them. I hope all your dreams come true and I honestly believe they can!