Friday, May 16, 2008

My Nana

I think this pic was taken around 1999. Nana passed away 8 years ago today. It has been raining heavy all day, cold and nasty. I have been getting things ready for the town yard sale most of today and running errands with Hubby since he got home from work. We drove past her cemetary on the way home, I said Hi Nana like always. But I did not remember until moments ago that she passed away 8 years ago today. I feel bad now. I miss her more with each passing year, thinking of her nearly every day. There are 2 other pics of her that I have to keep away because when they are out, I end up having dreams of her where I wake sobbing and it feels as though I just lost her. I do not think I was able to mourn enough when she passed though. Hubby and I were married on this day 3 years ago in FL, which brought me much needed joy to ease the pain. I forgot about that too! This is what happens when I do not check the calendar every morning. I love you Nana! I love you!

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