Friday, May 09, 2008

Yesterday and Today

I did end up taking a walk to buy flowers yesterday afterall.

The walk there was windy with rumbles of thunder coming from the dark grey clouds. I asked Brianna which flowers she wanted me to pick and felt drawn to the ones I picked.

The walk home was still and disgustingly humid! I talked with her along the way about the flowers and where to put them.

Once home, I put my treasures on the patio table and changed into a tank top and shorts. I lit both of my Blessed Mother Mary candles, placing one on the mantle and one on the patio table. Afraid it was going to pour at any moment, I set to placing the flat of magenta Petunia's and 1/2 flat of pale lilac colored Petunia's into their new homes. I took some pics which I'll post soon.

Honestly, I did a bit too much physically, given the humidity and just having had an i.v. treatment 2 days before, but I kept plugging away, chest pains & all until I was finished! Then I sat for a long while.

When the rain finally came, Hubby was already home and he helped me bring my books & journals in from the patio. I took in the Mary candle and put it opposite the other one on the mantle in our living room.

I left them lit until about 11pm, just before bed. Hubby was sleeping. I went out to the living room and nelt down on the couch in front of the mantle and talked to Brianna again and said a prayer. Then I reluctantly put out their flames.

All that kept repeating through my mind was "I love you, I love you, I love you..." Over and over again.

Shortly after, I wrote to her in the same journal I've kept for 9 years now. Then I fell deeply asleep until 4:30 this morning.

The first of 5 inches of expected rain started falling early this morning. (Or late last night depending on how you look at it!) It grew more steady with each half hour. The wind was back as well, gusting. The temperature was also dropping from the 60's to the 40's! It was a down right nasty day, all day!

My cousin and I had planned to go to the Cooperative Extensions' Spring Flower Fair today, but both agreed on the phone this morning that neither of us were interested in going in weather like this!

So, I futzed around on the computer for a while and then went out into the living room and onto the couch to get some of that rest I'm supposed to have been getting every day since my i.v. this Tuesday!

It was a day of lying on the couch, reading, journaling, gazing out at my garden from the kitchen table when I needed a snack and snuggling with the kitties! (They were all to happy to oblige me!) Not a bad day in the least!

Now I am exhausted again. It's late and we've a long day ahead of us tomorrow, so I need to get some sleep!

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