Wednesday, July 30, 2008

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The Knitting Circle: A Novel The Knitting Circle: A Novel by Ann Hood

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I tend to shy away from books w/this type of subject matter (losing children) but for some reason, when I accidentally came across this book in a 'knitting' search at the library, I didn't shy away from it and I'm glad. Like the author Ann Hood, I too lost my daughter, though under very different circumstances and before Brianna was born. Ann's daughter Grace died suddenly at the too young age of 5.

I had a very difficult time getting into the book though. I wasn't feeling any connection w/the writing. I wasn't feeling anything. Perhaps my knowing that the main character had lost her daughter caused me to steel myself against connecting w/what I was reading so as not to get upset.

The end of Chapter 3 opened me up and I not only connected with Ann's writing, but was very emotional through the rest of the book! I was startled that this book included many incredibly painful issues, which may (or may not) make it difficult, even gut wrenching, for some to read. I expected the loss of young daughters, but there was also abortion, rape, a child's severe illness, divorce, depression, deaths from September 11th... Many other things I've also been through besides losing Brianna.

I'm not trying to discourage anyone from reading it! There are few books that I feel I am better for having read and this makes that list for me! I do believe I felt comforted at the end, knowing that some of the things I've done, said and felt are universal to these kinds of heartbreaks and in that I don't feel so isolated now.

Let me also say this: Do not let the fact that there is knitting in this novel keep you from reading it! It's worth the read whether you knit or not!

Since this is the GoodReads 'ChicksOnLit' group read for July 2008, I'll be re-reading this then and may post an update here when I'm done!

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