Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lightning And Thunder And Hail, Oh My!

Our mini drought ended today with much violent gusto! Started with a thoroughly soaking storm about 5am this morning. After 10am, the sky started looking odd again & it was hard to breathe, humid and hot. By noon it was storming again, this time with hail! We were at the laundrymat when I took this pic. It stormed for about an hour. Once we left, before 2p, it was nasty hot and humid again, but as we made our way down the highway back home, we drove right into wind and dark clouds! Shortly after getting the laundry and grocceries into the house, all hell broke lose! We lost power for over an hour. 3 people got struck by lightning on Sandy Hook and 1 died, not 5 minutes from here! It stormed strait until after 5pm! Sirens streaking by in different directions throughout. The air is very cool and lovely now, so at least I have been able to open all the windows! Strange, the storms seemed to have brought the crickets to the front and back yards! Unrelated thought: I am worried about our friends.

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