Monday, July 14, 2008

Oh I Love a Rainy Day!

"There's nothing quite like a muggy rain on a July morning." I wrote that this morning when I discovered it to be raining when I woke up! I love when it's cloudy and raining! The grass & trees desperately needed it since it hasn't rained since July 4th, I don't have to water my gardens today, I can open the window to let some fresh (albeit humid) air in and it's wonderful to listen to!

I sat at the table this am under the ceiling fan, eating breakfast and reading "The New Year's Quilt" by Jennifer Chaiverini with the patio door wide open, the rain providing a lulling backdrop. (Finished the book!) 2 cat birds and a lone squirrel have been hanging around, looking in, trying to use their Jedi Mind Tricks to get me to put out some cracked corn for them to eat! (And it worked!) Since I'm still battling fleas w/the kitties, I kept the corn far off to the right and left of the yard area, along the fence, where the kitties can still get an eye full from the patio doors but where the critters won't venture onto the patio.

Rainy days are also good for lighting candles! (Not that I need the excuse! I light candles year round!) I'm nearly down to the end of the apples & cinnimon candles I bought up in PA, but I had 'MacIntosh' Yankee tea lights, so I decided to try something: Before lighting them, I sprinkled one with "Allspice" powder and the other with "Cinnimon" powder from the spices cabinet. I lit them and placed them in 2 seperate area's so I can see which, if any, I like best! I hope it works & smells good!

I've got LOTS of cleaning to do today! I've got my IV tomorrow. I was supposed to have it 7/2, but had to cancel because I was horribly sick. (More on that later today when I post something I wrote this past Friday, 7/11).

I'm undeniably, purely happy at the moment! Why? I'm not exactly sure, but, I'll go with it for as long as it lasts!!!

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