Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Crappy Day Ends In Comforting Bargains!

Visited a new dentist today. I do NOT like going to the dentist. And this place was a real peach. Nuff said! After having some soup at Panera, Mom and I went over to AC Moore (in the same plaza). I wanted to take a look at the new Fall and Halloween merch. As soon as I started seeing Scarecrows, Sunflowers and Pumpkins and caught a whiff of Pumpkin Spice potporri, I felt my entire being relax to the point I nearly cried! (Fall and Halloween are my FAVORITE time of year!) I picked up 5 packets of Seeds, only 33cents ea, (Autumn Beauty Sunflowers, Nasturtiums, Snapdragons and Old Fashioned Garden Mix) a Yellow Ribbon to tie to the porch (for our Nephew in law who went bk to Iraq) for 60cents, a tiny vine Pumpkin for $2 and all sorts of yarn skeins for $1, $2.49 and $2.99! (12 skeins of yarn for about $27! Original price would have been well over $60 or $70!) Total purchase? $33 and change! The smile it all gave me? Priceless!

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Michelle said...

I have the same Paton's multi-color yarn! I love it.