Saturday, September 06, 2008

That kind of day!

Tropical Storm Hanna sure has taken her sweet ass time in getting here and passing through! It rained like hell at midnight and 2am this morning and we awoke to stifling humidity and fog! We took my Dad-in-law to breakfast, came back home and then I ran out to Foodtown to do our weekly shopping... You would have thought they were giving away free food or the blizzard of the century was about to hit with how many people were there! Traffic going down to the marina was also streaming down 1st Ave! (Not sure why! It was too foggy to see anything past the docks!) After bringing home the grocceries, Hubby and I ran out to the hardware store for a propane tank refill for the grill (in case we lose power - the stove is electric!) and asome odds and ends for the apt complex and the house. The rain finally started coming down pretty good around 1pm or so after sprinkling most of the day and the wind picked up. Since then it has been raining in waves of downpours and sprinkles, gusting now and again. The Weather Channel says we have had nearly 2 inches of rain so far but no flooding as of yet. I got some reading done this afternoon and popped a pot roast in the oven about 4pm that came out PERFECT! I love a day when I can hunker down inside for a while!

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