Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Catching up! Salem cont'd

These are 2 of the fireplaces in the Corwin home. The one with the red glow in it gave me a peculiar feeling.
As I walked around the room it was in (the dining room I believe) I began feeling light headed & queasy, my heart racing a bit and started feeling warm. This has happened to me before & I so I just wanted to leave. Vic on the other hand was reading all of the info & taking forever!
A voice which wasn't mine said, in my mind, in a very odd & exaggerated manner, "This house is haunted!"
I replied in my mind, "Oh give me a flipping break!"
The voice repeated itself, "This house is haunted!"
I replied (silently!), "Ok, what do you want me to do about it?! I know what was done to the innocent was wrong!"
The voice just repeated "This house is haunted!" over & over until we got to the room that was the Corwin's children's room. In there it was cool & pleasant and I felt immediately better!
Cooky yet true! My question is, was that voice one of the Corwin family or one of the accused who appeared before him? (And I roll my eyes at it being called 'The Witch House'?!)

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