Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Catching up! Salem MA cont'd

This is the home of Witch Trial Judge John Corwin and is now known as "The Witch House." (Eye roll!)

I was disappointed here since it was an unguided tour and seeing that they've let the place deteriorate. There was a leak in the roof that damaged a section upstairs and 1 of the few pieces in the home which actually belonged to the Corwin Family!

Vic said he found it hard to believe at $8 a person that they "needed to find someone to donate the roof installation and supplies." Just the money they take in during this month alone could buy a new roof!

This is the last structure in all of present day Salem that dates back to 1692, the time of the Hysteria and the Trials and it's going to pot! That doesn't say much for the people running it or for the town itself.

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