Friday, October 24, 2008

Holy Crow! Check this out!!! [NaNoWriMo] Free printing for 2007 winners

Amazing! I'm going to have a book published!

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Dear NaNoWriMo 2007 Winner,

Last November, you and those typing fingers of yours did something amazing. And while you were busy bashing out your novel, we were frantically trying
to line up a prize worthy of your feat.

Our goal was to find a self publishing company who would give every NaNo
winner a free copy of his or her winning manuscript in paperback book form.
It's taken us until now, but we've finally found them.

CreateSpace, an Inc. owned company, is generously offering every
NaNoWriMo 2007 winner a "free proof copy" of their 2007 manuscript. What
this means: A free proof copy of your manuscript in paperback book
form---just by following the instructions below. They'll even cover the
costs of basic shipping to you.

To redeem the offer, you'll need a special NaNoWriMo winner's promo code. Yours is:

It's good for six months from today. Here's how you go about using it:

1) Go to and create a free member
2) Set up your title: you will be asked to fill in information such as
title, author name, page count, etc.
3) Submit your title: make sure that your title's information is accurate
and complies with CreateSpace's Submission Requirements. Your Submission
will be reviewed to ensure it can be printed.
4) When everything's uploaded and perfect, just request a proof copy and
use the above discount code at check out. Presto!

After you receive your proof copy, you can then choose if you want to make
it available to the public at large---everything from showing up for sale
on to complete invisibility.

We asked CreateSpace to write up an introduction to who they are and what
they do, and I'm pasting that below. You can also read a bunch of their
helpful FAQs about copyright, ISBNs, and other important matters at

And if you have any further questions, you can contact them directly:

Thanks so much to CreateSpace for making our dream-prize come true! And
congrats again on your NaNoWriMo victory. We look forward to another year
of literary abandon together this November.

Warm regards,

Chris Baty
Director, NaNoWriMo

CreateSpace, an, Inc company, provides one of the easiest and
most economical ways to self-publish your work, CreateSpace offers
self-service publishing tools that allow you to upload ready-to-print PDF
book files and make your trade paperback book(s) available for sale on and your own E-store with no setup fees. Your product is
manufactured and shipped only when customers order so there is no need for
a large upfront investment in inventory to start selling.
CreateSpace Key Features & Benefits:

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