Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Present Before the Past!

I've got to catch up on Thurs & Fri, but here's where we were at one point along the Nashua River Rail Trail that goes from Ayers MA into Nashua, New Hampshire.

A beautiful & LONG ride via bike - 13 miles there and 13 miles back equals 26 miles!

Yup you heard me right! We biked 26 scenic autumn foliage galored miles!

I nearly ended up in the swamp because some jerk swerved at me on purpose.  I was headed down hill a bit so to avoid ending up in the water, I dumped the bike and fell.  I was fine, but I may never walk again. 26 miles. And I literally cleaned my plate of appetizer, entree and dessert for dinner which took us all of 15 minutes to drive to in NH!

Hubby told me all Marines have a second birthday, the Marine Corps birthday and because I did this, he told me I could have this day as my second birthday.

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