Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Cards

No, I'm not ready to start sending any even though I just got 3 in the mail today from my friend Kathy! I'm just getting them all together and put in one place for now.

I bought all of these pictured above after last Christmas at Barnes & Noble, Staples and A&P and paid no more then $4 a box! BARGAIN not to mention a huge stress reliever for this year.


Edumentor said...

Jo, i can see we are going to have to enroll you in the 12-step program for Nanowrimo finishers, as you are now so used to being ON for the past month that you have posted probably 10 blog entries in the past hour. (I may have exaggerated slightly.) You are making the less energetic bloggers among us look bad, LOL. I do have my cards. And a pen and a list of addresses. So I'm feeling almost smugly prepared (an unusual state of mind for me).

GardeningJo said...

LOL I did reading your comment!

I may have the cards, the list and even pens but I'm anything but prepared. (Though I did start putting up the Christmas lights this evening after wrestling with 2 light up reindeer this afternoon, lol!)

Blogging is keeping me sane at the moment what with having a house full right now.

GardeningJo said...

PS, I may not have posted 10 posts earlier, but I just might before the night is thru - I've got pics to post.

I think I need 12 step programs for many things in my life at this moment, lol!