Friday, November 28, 2008

Do you have a Day After Thanksgiving 'Tradition'?

Having worked in retail for the better part of my life once I was 17 up through 29, I relish in the fact that I do not have to go anywhere today unless I REALLY want to! I love staying home, snacking on left overs and watching HGTV's Christmas decorating marathon all day! Usually, I'm home alone on Thanksgiving Friday, but with Sis and Nephew AND Vic home too, I had to out myself and let them all know last week that this is what I do today and one of the 3 tv's in the house is mine!

Unfortunately, I'm breaking tradition a bit and running out with Vic to EyesFirst so we can both have our eyes checked, but as soon as we're done, it's back home and I'm picking up right where I left off!

*My vision is "perfect!" The blurry-ness I've been experiencing is apparently a result of medications or dryness or eye strain from being on the pc or cell phone too much! They gave me eye drops (all natural so there's no drug interactions) to use when it happens to see if that helps at all and I don't need to come back unless the blurry-ness gets progressively worse.

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