Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Dream Of...

I dream of us owning our own home on lots of acreage for peace & quiet - with enough room for small homes for Mom, Pop and Sis so that they're close (but not too close).

I dream of snow blanketing everything, falling silently from a grey sky, crunching underneath our boots as we walk through the woods watching for deer who don't yet realize they can be seen.

I dream of Alaska and the Antartic, of cold unlike anything I've ever experienced, of the Aurora's in the night sky, of snow & ice as far as my eyes can see.

I dream of France, of Paris and Provence, of touching and feeling a country older than my own.

I dream of living here, where we are now, a place I never considered living before and have grown to love, but where we cannot afford to own our own.

I dream of water having lived near it my whole life, I cannot imagine living some place without its' calming comfort.

I dream of my daughter, of the day we will be reunited.
when I can finally hold her in my arms. If St. Peter doesn't grant me entrance into heaven, I hope he'll let me visit so I can see her.

I dream of not being terrified of having another child, of not being terrified of just trying.

I dream of bringing all of my creative outlets into one conclusive fulfilling life.

I dream of going to Ireland where my Nana was born & raised and was happiest (before she came to America) and to Germany where my Grandma was born & raised, feeling their roots so I can begin to feel my own.

I dream of...

What do you dream of?

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