Monday, November 24, 2008

I have been switching back and forth most of today between writing for NaNoWriMo and posting here. (I love the pics I've posted today & yesterday). I'm at 44,817 words for NaNo and I do not know how I'm going to reach 50,000! I even stopped using contractions but I'm really at a loss for words! Being tired and sinus headachy all day hasn't helped the situation. Neither has the pc's sudden refusal to let the disk drive work! I've stepped away from the laptop and the pc, read articles from yesterday's NY Times*, skimmed magazines, started reading "A Pig in Provence..." (I can't recall by whom at this moment). I've snuggled with one of the cats on the couch & watched tv. I've tried to knit but my hands are still too stiff and painful to keep with it. (Arthritis is flaring up).

My cup no longer runneth over and the well may have run dry.

*Interesting article in yesterday's NY Times about blogging:,%20Scorned:%20%20Blogging%20at%20a%20Snail

Can anyone explain to me why blogging articles appear in the NY Times "Fashion & Style" section???

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