Monday, November 10, 2008

If You Know A Marine...

Wish him or her a Happy Birthday today and thank them for their service!

Today is the Anniversary of the day The United States Marine Corps was created and all Marines, currently active and no longer active, celebrate today as their personal 'second' birthday. If you know a Marine, you know they are a completely different breead compared with the rest of us and are truly deserving of this 2nd birthday in my book!

Hubby was unable to take off from work for it this year and I'm not sure if he will head over to The American Legion after work to meet up with fellow Marines from his Post to drink to all Marines, those who've died, those who are alive and to the future ones who have yet to join. It's VERY emotional for him and all the Marines I've seen on 11/10 in the past. (Last year, since he was able to go out, I was his designated driver!)

Lastly, if you love your Freedoms, please thank ALL Vets tomorrow as it's Veteran's Day.


Cindy said...

Thanks for the info Jo!
Two of my nephews are marines; I will have to try and give them a call this evening.
I really enjoy your blog and will check back with you again. Hope you have a great week!

GardeningJo said...

Thank you Cindy! I'm glad I posted this so the word gets out! Marines are a proud lot but they sure do appreciate when someone acknowledges what they do!