Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just the 'pick me up' I needed!

My December issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine arrived in the mail today and after getting home from the dentist, I was able to flip through it. I came upon an article about 'Festive Amaryllis' titled "Standouts of the Season" and immediately felt myself begin to de-stress and relax.

Amaryllis are a favorite of mine, especially at this time of year when the gardens outside have pretty much wound down and are beginning their cold weather slumber. I like to buy them now (you'll find them trickling into the floral departments of your foodstores already) & get them going to have them blooming for Christmas and New Year's. I also go out right after Christmas to the foodstores to buy up whatever Amaryllis they have left (at 50 percent or more off!) and have them blooming until after Valentines Day!

Their huge trumpet like blooms in shades of red, white & pink (and white streaked with red or pink) make my heart sing and bring my gardening love indoors! Each year there are many many new Amaryllis & I do believe there's one for every taste out there!

They make wonderful gifts and are no fuss! Just put the bulb and the soil it comes with into the pot (also included) and water to keep it moist until it begins to bloom, then water about once a week. Keep in indirect light in a spot which tends to stay warm (not a drafty & therefore chilly area for instance) and there you have it! They can bloom continuiously for well over a month/6 wks once the first bud opens.

After it's done blooming, you can remove any stalks that are still on it, take the bulb out of the soil, let it dry out completely and place it in a dark, moderately cool area until around Thanksgiving the following year. Keep the pot & soil as well too! Then just put the bulb back in it and repeat the watering & steps stated above!

I love them and they get me excited anew every year now without fail!

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