Friday, November 21, 2008

A lovely way to start another busy day! One of my Apple Blossom Amaryllis began opening the day before. Each year I take pics of my Amaryllis as they make their yearly journey to brighten my days with their beauty! (A slight correction to my Amaryllis post from last wk or the wk before: Put Amaryllis in late morning & afternoon sun - you can keep them in indirect sun also).

It's been hectic as of late!

Vic threw out his back (or something) last Tuesday and is still home from work! He's on muscle relaxers & prescrip ibuprophren, has been to 2 dr's and is starting physical therapy today. Xrays this coming week probably followed by mri. He's going on State disability since he's got no paid time left at work.

Sis-in-law arrived this past Saturday evening from Texas for a 3 week visit and our Nephew arrived this Monday for her 60th birthday and to stay with us for awhile! (And he's decided to go back to not eating meat so he's on his own with making dinner for himself unless whatever I happen to be making is meatless - if I've got to make 2 different dinners each night, I'll lose my ever living mind!)

So I've been helping Vic with what I can around the apt complex since we were having 2 inspections today, an apt got evicted this week and pics needed to be taken since it's a wreck, paperwork...

Of course the hot water boiler sprung a massive leak yesterday am and an apt's tub leaked down into the laundry room and now the entire bathroom has to be gutted to remove the old tub & install a new one (thankfully management has other workers for each phase of that) AND we've got to do yet another Open House this Sat & Sun from 12p to 4p.

Throughtout this I've been writing for NaNoWriMo, doing laundry, constantly straitening up the living room (because Sis aparently thinks every surface of every piece of furniture is a catch all for her stuff!), constantly doing dishes, being a chef & dishwasher, knitting, reading and not sleeping well because Vic's snoring is still way out control.

I did take a break on Tuesday. I was exhausted almost to tears and couldn't think of even 1 word to write for NaNo. I went to AC Moore & bought new yarn and knitting needles (circulars - I'm going to try my hand at socks), then I went to Whole Foods and treated myself to a few things. Tuesday night I let them all go to bingo while I stayed home, finished straitening up my Seasonal bookshelf in the living room and then climbed into bed with a steaming mug of decaf green tea, last Autumn's scarf I'm trying to finish* and "Trail of Crumbs" by Kim Sunee.

I'm still tired bur overall have felt so much better, even now with an arthritis flare up coming on! That scarf is all but done except for the fringe, I finished reading "Trail" the other day and I've got over 34,000 NaNo words as of last count!

(*Finished, 11/21/08)

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dragyonfly said...

Jo, what is NaNo?
Your life sounds a bit like mine. My 30 year old son lives here along with my husband and me as well as my 18 year old daughter. Mom in law coming for Tgiving to stay for a week, which calls for a major housecleaning thing which I am totally sick of doing. My family is very messy and I have an old husky who lives in the house with us and so dog hair is always an issue.
So, you are not the point of this rambling........