Sunday, November 30, 2008

Quick & Delicious Morning Oatmeal

Nature's Path has come out with (USDA) Organic instant hot oatmeal in a variety of flavors, all fairly low in sodium (something I look for).

I picked up a box of the Flax Plus (plain oatmeal with flaxseed - 350mg of Omega-3 per serving) at Foodtown yesterday.

This morning before adding hot water from the tea kettle, I sprinkled the dry oatmeal with Cinnimon & Brown Suger and added a couple of spoonfuls of dried Cranberries (Ocean Spray's Craisins), then I poured hot water in, a little at a time since I like thick, stick to your ribs oatmeal! Lastly, I drizzled 2 caps fulls of lowfat 1% milk over it. (I use Stonyfield Farm Organic milks).

My expectations weren't high (there have been many ag great oatmeal debacles over the years) so I was pleasantly surprised by it being DELICIOUS!

Since our Nephew's on an 'oatmeal at any time of day kick,' I've got to stash this so there's plenty left for me!

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