Saturday, November 15, 2008

This Autumns' Scarf is Done! *Updated 11/18/08

Last Autumns' isn't! Ah well!

Not the best pic - doesn't show the variations in color as well as I'd hoped!

I used James Brett Marble Machine Washable 100 percent acrylic in a color called "Dye". I can't recall the size needles though so I'll have to update that later! (* Size US 8/5.0mm needles).

It didn't feel itchy while I was knitting it but it has the few times I've worn it!

I love the colors in it! The dusty blue reminds me of an autumn sky and the yellows, oranges & browns, from dark to light, remind me of the first leaves beginning to change colors!


Hannah Banana said...

Jo, you're like me! I have a scarf from a few Christmases ago that I still need to finish. Oh, dear. :)
It looks very pretty! Good job!

Just Tera said...

so cute! I want to see your socks that you make.