Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This may sound odd to some, but donating to the foodbank has not only made me feel good but has also stressed me out a bit.

I've not only been in the position where I've been unable to afford food but things are a little precarious right now with Vic being out of work - every day since 11/11 has been unpaid for him since he has no more paid time off for this year and while the NJ State Disability paperwork is completed as of this afternoon by all parties (him, his doctor and his job), it takes at least 2 works to process and unless he's out for a month strait, he doesn't get paid for the first 7 days.

I actually got a little nervous when we arrived at the foodbank! I started thinking about how things are for us now and while they could be worse, what if they get worse... (Almost a panick attack but not quite!)

I should be getting my SSD check tomorrow and thankfully we've got a fair amount in savings but, if I think about it and given the economy, it's scary! I thought maybe, just maybe, this holiday season would be worry free financially speaking.

I do hope what we were able to give to the foodbank helps ease some one's worries this Thanksgiving. The thought that it will gives me comfort and the hope that if we're in need (again), we'll receive it as well.

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