Wednesday, November 26, 2008


7pm last evening we found out there was going to be a Memorial Mass at 8pm which would include the reading of our friends' son's name, who passed away this July. We dashed home from an errand, changed and headed up to the Church.

Usually Catholic/Christian Churches do one or two Memorial Masses throughout the year to honor those parishners who've passed away by reading their names, but the ones I've been to in the past only read the names once.

Tonight we heard T's name 4 times. Maybe 5. I was fine until his grandfather started sobbing during the second reading. What I thought was really nice was that all of the names were put on the outside of tall glass prayer candles that were about the prettiest shade of purple I've ever seen and each name was read so that parishners' candle could be lit. (The families took the candles home after Mass).

Afterwards we went over to our friends' home for a drink. It was good to see their other son being rowdy with his friend who was sleeping over and their daughter complaining about them, "They're not gonna be making noise like that all night are they?!" It was good to laugh with our friends after having shed more tears. But those quiet lulls in the conversation were horrendous.

They showed us their now 3 day old tatoo's, each with the kids names. They showed us the drawing of T's smiling face with angel wings for his headstone.

It was so good seeing them, we haven't since T's funeral.

I really like the Church T's funeral and last night's Memorial Mass were held at. I think I've finally found a Church I like, I only wish I hadn't found it as a result of their loss.

Last night made my heart ache for them and made me thankful for what we have.


Tami said...

So sorry for friends loss. I would have been in tears too.

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Tami said...

Oh I forgot to mention in my comment.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

GardeningJo said...

Tami, thank you for your kind words, the hat links and the Thanksgiving wishes! A Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours!