Sunday, November 02, 2008

Update to Previous Post

First I'd like to thank all of my loving, wonderful Friends who yesterday let me cry on their sholders (via texting!), offered kind words of support and checked up on my today! Your support means more than I can begin to tell you!

Hubby did apologize (for himself) yesterday afternoon not long after I finally composed myself and went to the Apt where we were having Open House, but I was still off kilter the rest of the day.

We went for a walk in H Woods after finishing up - the GORGEOUS foliage colors & the muggy scent of dirt and dried leaves helped soothe me. Then we went for dinner at a local Mexican restuarant since neither one of us had the energy to make dinner.

Today I woke knowing I did nothing wrong yesterday and I'm not going to feel bad for not being an ahole like many of my inlaws! That's ridiculous! I don't regret the email I sent out either. (1 Sis and 1 Niece inlaw have been given an alternate email for me and that's it).

I don't need people like that or their inane bs in m life, regardless of relation or reason! For those inlaws who've mistreated me, there's no more respect just because of their relation to my Hubby - you've got to give respect to get it from me now!

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